As we are all working to better the lives of others, it is important that we all recognize and help each other to enhance the work that we are doing. Each group always needs stitchers/sewists/quilters and people who will help just as World of Charity Stitching does. Groups are based in countries all around the world. Maybe one of the groups we feature here is close to you and you will be able to work with them. We are all needed to change this world to be a better place for those in need.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Stitch for Pleasure - Stitch for Charity

Stitch for Pleasure, Stitch for Charity is the first group of fellow stitchers that we would like to feature on our Blog. 

Auntie Jane, also known as Jane Jibb, oversees the Stitch for Pleasure, Stitch for Charity group.  She's a wife and mom and grandmother of 7 and lives in the city of York in the United Kingdom.  SFPSFC is a non-profit internet based crafting, stitching, knitting and chat group set up to help babies and children in urgent need all around the world. They make bibs, blankets, quilts, garments and small soft toys from donated and bought fabrics, wools and threads.

The group is presently working on several crafting projects which are:
  • Quilts, knitted blankets, garments and clothing for Rachel’s Pace, a children’s orphanage situated in Lesotho, South Africa, which opened in September 2010.
  • Crafted and purchased garments and soft toys for the baby pack project, Lesotho, South Africa.
  • Large bibs, aprons and cuddle blankets for the children at Hob Moor Oaks in the UK.
  • Angel wear and garments for the babies who grow wings before arriving here on earth.  At present, these items go to the Derby SCBU and Preemiesuk, both situated in the UK. 

They really need your help to keep going.  Donations however small help to keep costs down.
If you can cross stitch, they can use your completed stitched projects, your know how and your chat.
If you can knit or crochet, they need your finished squares, garments or small crafted toys and your chat.
If you quilt, then they can use your skills and left over fabrics.

Please visit Stitch for Pleasure, Stitch for Charity and if you can help in any way, please contact Auntie Jane.

Email Auntie Jane at
Click here to visit SFPSFC's Facebook Page
Click here to visit their chat board.

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