As we are all working to better the lives of others, it is important that we all recognize and help each other to enhance the work that we are doing. Each group always needs stitchers/sewists/quilters and people who will help just as World of Charity Stitching does. Groups are based in countries all around the world. Maybe one of the groups we feature here is close to you and you will be able to work with them. We are all needed to change this world to be a better place for those in need.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Hi ya'll! I'm Kristy from Hopeful Threads. Dona invited me over to share a little about what I do and I jumped at the chance! :) I love what World of Charity Stitching stands for and am excited to join our efforts by spreading the word about each other!
 Hopeful Threads is my charity sewing blog. Sewing is something I have grown to love more and more since I began regularly sewing for others. That started for me about 4 years ago when a dear friend of mine was on her journey to adopt her precious son from China. While following along with the process, I learned of the specific needs of a very special group of children. It just happened to be things I could make for them, and so I did, and this pile of goodies traveled with my friend to China when she went to bring her son home!
I continued to sew and donate for a variety of needs, but in looking to expand the outreach, and have others to regularly sew with, I started my blog, Hopeful Threads, in January 2011.

This past year we have sewn so many wonderful things for others near and far!
Our contributions have included pillowcases for foster children through our local DCS, sundresses inspired by the outreach of Dress A Girl Around the World, activity totes for Children's Hospital, cloth diaper covers for an organization in Cambodia and baby layette for a crisis pregnancy center. It's such a blessing to have others jump in and use their gifts and talents to help meet these needs! It's also a HUGE blessing to see the precious faces that joyfully accept our gifts!
We'd love to have you drop by and learn more about us, and feel free to follow along! 
You can find Hopeful Threads blog here and we're also on facebook.
Thanks again for sharing your space Dona!

Because every stitch matters!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Love Quilts USA is a group who makes cross stitch quilts for critically ill children or children with life long illnesses.  Love Quilts began in February of 1999 and in the Fall of 2003 they passed their 100th quilt made.  As of January 2011, they had delivered their 550th quilt.

This group of cross stitchers and quilters does some amazing work and brings smiles to the faces of many children.  Each quilt has a theme such as flowers or cowboys with instructions as a guide for picking their patterns, fabric, deadlines, etc.

Be sure to visit the Love Quilts website where you will be able to see photos of the beautiful children they will be stitching for in 2012 and the children with their quilts that they stitched for in 2011.  


Friday, December 23, 2011

AFGHANS FOR ANGELS, California Chapter

Afghans for Angels is an organization made up completely of volunteers who make and distribute baby blankets to local hospitals to give to parents who have suffered the loss of their infant through miscarriage, still birth or infant death. 

The death of a child, whether by miscarriage or later on, is a totally devastating event in a parent's life. While this is sometimes a very difficult subject to speak of, it does happen nonetheless. Our "Afghans for Angels" are placed lovingly around these infant angels when they are held by their families for the brief time in which bittersweet hellos and sad good-byes are said. The parents are then allowed to keep these afghans as a token of remembrance of their baby. We want to acknowledge that these parents did have a baby. Though their child did not live long, we do not want to diminish the fact that they were and will continue to be the parents of this child.

The California Chapter of Afghans for Angels became active in April of 2010. We are looking for volunteers to help create these afghan gifts. If you can knit, crochet, or quilt, we would love to have your help. Donations of soft yarn in baby colors would also be appreciated . Each afghan donated will be tagged with two cards held on with ribbon. One card is for the family, and one is geared toward the hospital staff.

Should you be interested, I have created a Yahoo group just for Afghans for Angels, California Chapter . This will be a place where volunteers can share stories, pattern ideas, information on good yarn sales, pictures of our completed afghans, etc. We will also keep a tally of how many afghans have been donated and to what hospitals. If you would like to join, just go to the Yahoo web site and under "Find a Group" type in afghansforangelscalifornia. This will take you to the site listing, where you can then click on the name of our group and join. All volunteers, whether donating yarn and other supplies or afghans, are welcome to join this group. 

Should you have questions, please feel free to contact me at any time.

Linda Meadows, Coordinator
(530) 417-2112
P.O. Box 1085
Sutter Creek, CA 95685

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Stitch for Pleasure - Stitch for Charity

Stitch for Pleasure, Stitch for Charity is the first group of fellow stitchers that we would like to feature on our Blog. 

Auntie Jane, also known as Jane Jibb, oversees the Stitch for Pleasure, Stitch for Charity group.  She's a wife and mom and grandmother of 7 and lives in the city of York in the United Kingdom.  SFPSFC is a non-profit internet based crafting, stitching, knitting and chat group set up to help babies and children in urgent need all around the world. They make bibs, blankets, quilts, garments and small soft toys from donated and bought fabrics, wools and threads.

The group is presently working on several crafting projects which are:
  • Quilts, knitted blankets, garments and clothing for Rachel’s Pace, a children’s orphanage situated in Lesotho, South Africa, which opened in September 2010.
  • Crafted and purchased garments and soft toys for the baby pack project, Lesotho, South Africa.
  • Large bibs, aprons and cuddle blankets for the children at Hob Moor Oaks in the UK.
  • Angel wear and garments for the babies who grow wings before arriving here on earth.  At present, these items go to the Derby SCBU and Preemiesuk, both situated in the UK. 

They really need your help to keep going.  Donations however small help to keep costs down.
If you can cross stitch, they can use your completed stitched projects, your know how and your chat.
If you can knit or crochet, they need your finished squares, garments or small crafted toys and your chat.
If you quilt, then they can use your skills and left over fabrics.

Please visit Stitch for Pleasure, Stitch for Charity and if you can help in any way, please contact Auntie Jane.

Email Auntie Jane at
Click here to visit SFPSFC's Facebook Page
Click here to visit their chat board.